Sunday, April 10, 2011

p/s: i love you

nk jiwang2 jgk..
walaupOm elektrOnik x abeh lagi assignment.. 
nk tnye 1 sOklan jew..
dO u lOve me??

love me as i love u??

I love you cause in I noe dat I in yOur heart,, it is meaningfull for me..
I love you cause you have the gift of giving joy, cause u know how to be a child sometimes..
I love u because i know i can always trust in you, because you love freely without reserve..
I love you cause of the gentle way you have touched ma life and made it bloom..
I love u because of the way u are, always happy n wit a smile so tender it makes me wonder if you are divine..
I love you cause u see me for what i am , an what i am not , your eyes that i can not decieve..
I love you because i never believed in love, n yet here i am today expressing ma love to you..
I love you cause i need never doubt in you, ever..
lastly,, I love you cause I falling with you withOut need yOur permission..

tOink3.. ;)

 dalam BI bez sbb ade lupbiu jew.. :-P kan3.. ;) p/s: I LOVE YOU..

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