Wednesday, May 4, 2011

.: sampah-sampah :.

experimnet: mengenali kehidupan

objektif: hidup aman damai

  1. facabOok
  2. twitter
  3. blOg
  4. nfOn
  5. laptOp
  6. chatting chat like ym,, ooVoo,, gtalk,, skype..

  1. let all equipments flOw withOut anyOne nOe.. and also him/her nOe tOo..
  2. set fOr couples days or weeks.. like try to nOt cOntact. n let her/him contact first.. this is for see hOw lOng you all can survive withOut him/her..
  3. fixed it if he/she wants return back.. but must nOe sumtim,, it is still nOt da same like bfOre..
  4. pull dOwn all safety.. u might be broken heart..
  5. increase all input with trying harder and harder to forget da past..
  6. and nOw measure.. i sure you still remembering but it is nOt like bfOre.. fire with full Of lOve..
  7. then,, switch off all the connection wit him/her.. let him/her say hii first.. think your dignity first.. 



never ever regret dat.. n yOur life mOre peacefull with Others whO lOve yOu mOre than yOu all thOught..

 Honestly,, I don't have time to hate people who hate me,, cause I'm too busy loving people who love me..

eksperiment ney bley dipaki gune utk sape2..
bkn bercintan-cintun jew Ok??
to all in friendship pOm bley lOr..
tp jgn cut connection..
sbb dlu da sOme1 ney pesan,, jgn sesekali lupe kebaikan dye kt kite..
kwn lagi susah drpd ex..
ex can be stranger after dat..
tp kwn still kwn..
wlaup0m heart brOken..
i still remember his advice..
then proceed to,,
hOiii,, hellOo..
i'm nOt desperatO persOn Okeyh..
n i nOt One da Of whO fight 4 sumtim..
i One Of the let yOu gO..
kalau nk blah,, blah dgn cpt..
luke 1 ary jew..
bkn bertaOn2..
aishh.. bkn2..
entah lOr..
I juz wait fOr da miracle frOm HIM..
tO shOw hOw far yOu all..
if one day HE shOw sumtim 2 me..
i will let you gO even yOu never let me gO..
i dun need anything except 4 da your l0yalty adn faithful..
jgn wt aQ keliru lg..
dat y I always remember my "Old"..
klu aQ dilema,, aku akan bertindak utk meninggalkannye..
kebahagian dlm perpisahan..

1 jew prinsip aQ..

if u love twO persOn chOose da secOnd,, 
cz if u really lOved da first,, u wOuldn't lOve da secOnd..

Okeyh,, i admit dat i nOt da first acctually..
but nOw i'm yOur first..
sO,, life like karma sumtimes..
i nOe i'm as muslim shOuld nOt believe dat..
tp kite akan dpt blasan yg setimpal klu kite wt jhat dgn Owg dlu..
mybe aQ jhat dgn MONA kOt..
then,, dpt lOr blasan yg setimpal dgn nya..
sO,, nOw.. hOw??

Do you know what hurts most about a broken heart??
Not being able to remember how you felt before it was broken..
pliz lOr..
shOw me dat miracle..
aQ bkn nk remOve kO atau blOck kO..
xde jadahnye aQ nk wt..
aQ terBUAT mcm 2..
tyme 2 tgah remOve Owg laen jgk..
xkan aQ nk ADD balik..
drOp my water FACE ok..
haa,, aQ seOwg yg sngt2 jge AIR MUKE..
pantang dicabar..
keturunan pk ck GHAZALI gamaknye.. :-P

 disaat aty ini digOyah..
jiwa kacau..
muncul sOme1..
sapekah anda??
knp baek??
nyah3 kO dr cney..
aQ xperlu sape2..

when yOur BF and even my friends leave me,,
i believe dat ALLAH there her wit me..
n i still have my BFF-BFF..

lastly,, sOe klu BI lari.. nme p0m ank mlayu.. klu kuar BI 2 mmg sbb tgah HOT nk marah.. btOl kate ckgu aQ,, klu nk marah mmg kuar Omputih.. :-P lantak kO lOr tunggang terbalik..

ia xde kena megena antra yg hidup mahup0m yg telah meninggal dunia.. nnti ade yg tOcing2.. ngeee~~ taaataa.. nk smbung SPT.. nk jd surveyOr.. 30k xtermasuk elaun lg 2.. $_$ mate duitan.. ngeh3.. mama,, i begging yOu.. plizzz3.. wink3.. >.< naseb l0r jari ney asyik nk tekan jew ary ney.. kebenaran pasti ade.. ade hikmah.. :) thank GOD.. alhamdullilah.. start frOm nOw,, nO tears!!

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